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In today’s environment, investment management firms are looking to save costs by spending less resources, time and effort on non-core activities. Among such non-core activities, application development is one of the most expensive and difficult challenges that investment management firm's face. A large proportion of these organizations struggle with vendor lock-in, inflated technology costs and a technology infrastructure that is unable to keep up with business demands. Hampered by these issues, investment management firms are often unable to take advantage of emerging technologies due to a lack of in-house skills.

stradegi allows investment management firms to take full advantage of emerging technologies while offering a substantial reduction in capital expenditure, improved responsiveness to business demands, increased agility and a faster time to market.

Stradegi’s technology team with extensive functional knowledge is backed by a flexible but robust governance and project management framework that leverages both waterfall and agile methodologies, allowing us to deliver high quality solutions, on-time and with significant cost savings compared to other 3rd party solutions.

stradegi has developed bespoke solutions for the:

  • Portfolio analytics
  • Stock and Sector research tools
  • Investment dashboard and reports
  • RAD (Rapid Application Development) framework
  • Cash management
  • Exposure monitoring
  • Risk dashboards
  • RAD (Rapid Application Development) framework
  • Trade matching and settlement
  • Performance and attribution reporting
  • Trade and positions reconciliation

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