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Northern Trust selects nFlows for Data Management

Northern Trust selects nFlows, Stradegi’s No-Code Business Solutions Platform, to rapidly configure and roll out solutions for data management and other business areas.

In an interview published in the July edition of the Digital Innovation Magazine, Jeff Greaney, Head of Investment Risk & Analytics Product Management, and Soundra Saravanan, Technology Director, Asset Servicing, at Northern Trust, shared more insights into the data and digital transformation they have undertaken and also on the strategic partnership they have with Stradegi as part of this transformation journey.

Soundra highlights that Northern Trust was clear about what it set out to achieve with its transformation journey, but it was vital that it partnered with other strategic partners to be successful. For the data management solution, Northern Trust partnered with Stradegi. “Stradegi has a technology solution we could use as an accelerator to achieve what we wanted in that space. It was key for us to get quickly to where we wanted to go.”, explained Soundra.

“Our data management platform will offer scalable solutions that look to help clients streamline their data operations and processes, to be more efficient in their management and use of data”, Jeff elaborated. Reinforcing the importance of partnering with other likeminded companies, Jeff adds, “Where we have the skillset to build something, let’s do it. If not, we can collaborate with partners to get us there faster. It is a good mix of the things we have built internally, as well as the things we have brought in.”

“It is a matter of great pride for us at Stradegi that Northern Trust have selected nFlows as the strategic platform on which to build out their data management capabilities”, said Thangachan Kuriyan, Managing Partner at Stradegi and responsible for the overall delivery of nFlows.

According to Shriram Varadachari, Head of Products at Stradegi, “Northern Trust went through a detailed Proof-of-Concept where they evaluated nFlows thoroughly before selecting it. The big-data architecture backbone of nFlows along with its no-code nature and user self-service model is what helped to make the final decision”.

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Excerpt from the interview published in the July edition of the
Digital Innovation magazine (pages 16-17)