Why stradegi? Why not!

Officially a Stradegi Consulting employee since January 2016, I am now working as a business consultant. Yet my journey with Stradegi started in May 2015 when I was brought in as an intern, and since began my journey with the firm.

So, what exactly is Stradegi? What is so special about this firm that was founded only three years ago that made me join officially after the internship?

I am not here  to tell you  what we do  as a  firm or the  services we  offer. What  I want  to express  is what it is like working at Stradegi, for me. And I need only one word to describe this experience: EMPOWERED!

Trust and support from supervisors and colleagues

When I was brought in as an intern to do the Asia Investment Management COO Survey, I was impressed by how much trust my supervisors and colleagues had in me, given that I was new to the industry. Yet, they allowed me to take ownership of the project, and have guided me along the way. It is exactly this kind of trust and letting me take ownership of the project that makes me want to excel at my work! I got to test out different ways of approaching prospect respondents and of analyzing gathered data; I’ve even been given the opportunity to present the survey findings to responding COOs. There is nothing more rewarding than getting myself fully involved in the project and seeing myself actually making an impact.

Always open for new ideas and feedback

People at Stradegi are never shy of asking questions, nor will they hold back from answering your questions. It is this kind of open flow of information that gives a newly joined like me just the kind of exposure and insights I need to go up the learning curve. And it has been a steep learning curve for me so far.

Management at Stradegi has always been open for new ideas and feedback. I love this kind of open corporate culture because it makes employees feel valued. Whatever your backgrounds are, wherever you are from, you will always have a voice within the firm. All you need to do is SPEAK UP! It didn’t take me long to step out and voice my opinions because I know that I will be heard without being judged.

Genuine care for employees, both professionally and personally

Professionally, management at Stradegi encourages us to take up exams, not just to appear good with a few letters next to our names, but also to gain more knowledge in the field so that we speak with weights. I’ve also seen how hard my colleagues have worked and heard how much they’ve grown along the way, either studying for the CFA or working on multiple projects, which have inspired me greatly to keep bettering myself and to become as good as they are. I know what is expected of me when I joined, and I just can’t wait to explore what I can do and the differences I can make. This kind of empowerment and motivation won’t happen without the full support from management and all the inspiration from my colleagues.

At Stradegi, we don’t just talk business! We often have open discussions about personal development. Many companies can claim to be a flat organization, but not many can actually make it. During my internship, I felt that I wasn’t just an intern; now that I’ve joined as a full-time employee, I feel that I am more than my work-I am treated as a complete human being.

I shall conclude my writing by quoting from one of my favorite books-Mindset: “Create an organization that prizes the development of ability-and watch the leaders emerge.”

Stradegi is this kind of organization, it is a fast-growing firm and I am excited to grow with it.